Visiting Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta, also known as Jogja or the ‘city of culture’, is the capital of the Special Region of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Jogja is an autonomous region ruled by the Sultanate of Yogyakarta; the only recognised monarchy in the country. It’s located in the middle of Java island and borders the Indian Ocean to its south. We caught up with Yuli to learn more about the city.

Hi Yuli, thanks for catching up with us. What activities can a tourist do to learn more about Indonesian culture in Jogja?

Yuli: There’s so much. But first I’ll say that Jogja is special because there are only three places in Indonesia that have autonomy or independence. Papua, Aceh and Yogyakarta. Indonesia is also such a diverse country and so culture in Jogja is unique. We’re the only region in Indonesia headed by a Sultan. Some of the places I would recommend are Ulen Sentalu Museum to learn about the history of Jogja, Vredeberg Museum to learn about Indonesia’s colonial past, the Presidential Palace to learn about the early history of our country after independence, and the Sultan’s Palace, which is the seat of the reigning Sultan.

That’s interesting. I didn’t know Jogja had its own Sultan! And what about activities for those who want to explore the area?

Yuli: As in the previous question, there’s so much I could say, but I’ll list my favourites πŸ™‚ Check out Jalan Malioboro. It’s a busy area to do some shopping, get some food and drink or just to hang out. It generally has a really nice vibe both during the day and in the evening. If you like beaches, visit Indrayanti Beach. It will take about 2 hours from Jogja city centre. If you like your scenery, definitely go to Kalibiru National Park. You can do zip lining and it’s the perfect place to get that amazing Instagram shot πŸ™‚

Indrayanti Beach
Indrayanti Beach
Kalibiru National Park
Kalibiru National Park

What opportunities are there to meet local people in Jogja?

Yuli: I think as a tourist it will be easy to meet with the locals here. Just walk through the city centre and someone is likely to approach you! We’re welcoming to foreigners and we mainly see them on TV, so if we do see a foreigner some of us say ‘hi’ and even ask to take a photo with you πŸ™‚

Oh, that’s an easy way to meet the locals. The tourist doesn’t have to do anything! Actually I have a friend who visited Jogja and he mentioned that some students approached him in Jalan Malioboro because one of their school assignments was to speak with a native English speaker.

Yuli: Haha, it does happen πŸ™‚

What is a unique food dish or drink that you can get in Jogja?

Yuli: The one dish you have to try is Gudeg. Gudeg is jackfruit that’s boiled with brown sugar. It tastes sweet and is often cooked with chicken and rice; sometimes with egg. At first it will be an unfamiliar taste but it then becomes very addictive. For me, it’s delicious and I have it very often.

Other than the locations mentioned earlier, are there any nice monuments to visit?

Yuli: Definitely. Jogja is majority Muslim, but there is some beautiful architecture from various religions. The Borobudur temple is stunning, especially at sunrise. It’s the largest Buddhist temple in the world and the most visited attraction in Indonesia. It’s actually just outside Jogja, but it takes an hour by car from the city centre. The Prambanan Hindu temples are also a must-visit. They’re north-east from the city centre and it only takes about 25 minutes to reach by car. And if you want to see a beautiful mosque, check out Masjid Suciati Saliman. As impressive as the architecture is, I like the story behind the mosque. It was built by an old woman, who used her own money from selling items at a market.

Borobudur temple
Borobudur Temple

What is the best way to travel around Jogja?

Yuli: You can try to walk, but you may get tired very quickly, especially when it’s hot. You can either get Grab or Gojek, or even hire a motorbike. Hiring a motorbike will cost 70 IDR per day, which is about $5.

Great. And can you tell us something about Jogja that isn’t well known?

Yuli: Jogja is very cheap. It’s even considered cheap compared to other islands in Indonesia! So if you are looking for a destination to visit while on a tight budget, Jogja is the place to go πŸ™‚ Also Jogja is very much a student city. There are a lot of schools and universities here, so there will be many students from all over Indonesia.

My friend that I mentioned earlier said he was surprised by how cheap things were in Jogja. He had a conversation with a Grab driver who advised him to earn money abroad, then to visit Jogja and live like royalty!

Yuli: It really is cheap here. But there’s so much more I like about the city. The weather is nice and people are friendly. If you are thinking about when to visit, a good time would be during Ramadan. There is free food at the Jogokarian mosque every day when the fast breaks. Also if you go to Keraton Square on Sundays during Ramadan, there is a food stand that provides free food as well.

Thanks so much for your information Yuli.

Jalan Malioboro
Jalan Malioboro

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